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You want your perfect customer to find you online. You're probably clueless on how and where to get started. You try to read about it but alas! Information overload! Or you definitely know how to get it done but you just don't have the time.                                                                               Argh! Too much to do at once! Solution...                                                           

As business mogul, Richard Branson puts it...”

“To grow as an entrepreneur, you have to learn to delegate. There’s no shame is admitting the places where you may fall short, and engaging with people who can help. I was never great with numbers, so rather than do the job badly, I found Jack. He shared my vision, but also understood the difference between net and gross – something I didn’t fully comprehend until I was 50 years old!.”

Richard Branson, 
Founder of the Virgin Group.


Virtual Assistant Services

Do you sometimes wish you had a clone that knew exactly what you want to be done, when you want it done and how you want it done? In short, someone who will run your business just, as well as you would to allow you time to deal with other stuff?

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Digital Copywriting Services

You have an excellent, well thought out and delivered service or product. But there’s a problem. You want your ideal customer to find you online, but you’re nowhere to be found. You have a great website design, so where is the problem? The answer is quite simple: your web copy isn’t compelling enough.

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Joei Huang

Well-written and well-researched articles that are original and pass Copyscape. Very communicative and cooperative. Stella writes well and is able to tackle difficult scientific topics. I will definitely hire her again for more projects!

Sherica Matthews

Working with Stella has been a pleasure. She took the time to know and understand my voice, my audience, and my message and created social media posts to match. I would highly recommend her services and will be using her again in the near future.

Damien Hayden

Phenomenal work carried out by Stella, the hidden gem of Upwork! Extremely happy with the content that Stella created, a true professional! Look forward to working with Stella in the future.

Valerie Penny

Working with Stella was a breeze! I appreciate her skill and her reliability and am happy to have found her!