Creating a Winning Content Marketing Strategy

Do I really need a content marketing strategy? What for? As an online business, you cannot escape selling your content. Unlike a brick and mortar business that can pin up ads on street corners or on the local daily, your online business depends on how well you can use content to grab your target audience’s […]

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23 hire a virtual assistant

Hire a Virtual Assistant: Top Skill Sets that Make for a Great VA

You’ve come to the important realization that you need to hire a virtual assistant because you just can’t get everything done as soon as you’d want to.  Hiring a VA has its perks and for most entrepreneurs, this has helped them grow their businesses much faster. Unfortunately hiring a virtual assistant is something that most […]

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6 Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing: How Does it Improve Google Search Ranking?

The SEO field has evolved over the past few years as companies try to keep up with Google’s ever-changing algorithm updates. One thing has become clear with the changes, social media marketing goes hand in hand with SEO. According to the State of Search Marketing Report 2013, 74% of companies and 82% of agencies have either somewhat or […]

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2 Content Marketing Freelance Digital Copywriter

Content Marketing Like a Pro: 5 Easy Ways to Get Started

Many companies realize the importance of content marketing and the benefits they get from it. Content is the heart of marketing. With it, you communicate with your customers, both existing and potential, regardless of the form your content takes. Quality and relevant content are key for every business that wants to reach a wider audience. Unfortunately, […]

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8 Content Marketing Freelance Digital Copywriter

SEO: What NOT to Do If You Want to Get it Right

SEO mistakes are very common and unfortunately they can really affect your Google rankings. We all want our content to be found by our audience right? Because what good is content if no one ever reads it? You actually may not be aware that you’re making some of these SEO mistakes. If you’ve been wondering why […]

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3 hire a virtual assistant

Online Virtual Assistant: It is Safe to Work with One

As an entrepreneur, you’ll sometimes find yourself with too much work and very little time to get it all done. You’re not yet in a comfortable place as a business to hire a full-time staff but you still need everything done. So what do you do? The perfect solution is to hire an online virtual […]

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